Summer Gardening Ideas

Living in the beautiful Southbay area of Los Angeles, we see many wonderful gardens and landscaping seems to be of an art form. Our summers are filled with amazing colors brought by flowers and shrubbery, many different greens and oranges. We love our natural beauty that is brought to us by our climate and the area we live in.

Here at Southbay TC Group, we found an article that gives the best gardening ideas for the summer and we thought “Why not share these great ideas!”. Below is the article with the link at the very bottom:


Surround yourself in the summer with colorful blooms and watch as the bumble bees buzz around to collect their food. Relax under a shady retreat or backyard patio and listen to the bubbling noises of a nearby garden fountain for the ultimate in relaxation. With summer’s fragrance surrounding the garden, breath in and enjoy the delight of this season.

Hardy Bloomers

Plant beautiful flowers that thrive in high temperatures with nonstop blooms. Tough perennials like aster flowers are an ideal summer plant that brightens up any spot in your garden. These daisy-like blooms have lavender, pink or white flower heads and bloom throughout the fall. Another hardy bloomer is the dahlia. Their bright orange and red blooms love the summer heat and will add stunning color to your garden. Plant these beauties along a garden wall or in a front flowerbed as a warm welcome. For a splash of yellow, the fluffy yellow coreopsis plant is gorgeous as a summer gardening bloom. Their tall stems and layered flower head make brilliant bouquets.

Shaded Retreat

Beat the summer heat under your very own pergola. Add a colorful summer blooming vine like a morning glory vine to add color and lush foliage. Its ability to grow fast in the summer will provide you with a vine roof to the pergola in no time. To create the vine covered retreat, plant the vine at the base of each post and watch it naturally grow up towards the sun. These fast-climbing blooms become thick with blooms making your pergola a bright focal point to your summer garden. Add a string of outdoor lights to the scene, and your shady retreat will be a warm and inviting spot to enjoy at night.

Enveloped Patio

Surround a stone or pebble patio with summer blooming bushes like hydrangeas and fuchsia. Add colorful butterfly bushes to surround the area and add their dripping blooms to the garden. Smoke bush, another summer blooming bush looks gorgeous around a stone patio because of its deep purple feathery blooms. It’s also fast-growing and resistant to most disease, making it a summer must to add to the garden.

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